A Picture of Healthcare in America

There’s a slew of information in this infographic, but there were two facts that really stuck out to me:

1) The way healthcare costs have skyrocketed compared to other things
If toothpaste had grown at the same rate as healthcare, today we’d be paying $13.50 a tube. If average income had grown at the same rate, we’d all be making close to $300,000 per year. And eating out would cost the average family $176.00. That would make for a nice tip.

2) The way almost 50% of deaths in the US are caused by 2 major diseases: cancer and heart disease.
I have seen research suggesting that these two deaths frequently have a common cause: chronic inflammation. And chronic inflammation is caused by a high-stress, high-insulin state. Preventive medicine: lower your stress levels (might have to change your priorities), lower your insulin levels but eating a more natural diet (less carb-centric).

Health in America
Source: Best Masters in Healthcare

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