A Response to Foreign Call Center Backlash

I received a new Discover Card in the mail this week, and when I called tonight to activate it, something unusual happened. After entering the card code I was told "you will now be transferred to our customer care center in Utah." It took me by surprise because I have never been told, as part of a customer service call, where the call center is located. On top of that, when "Amber" answered my call, she said something again about being in Salt Lake City.

In all honesty, I don't care where a call center is located – put it on the moon if you have to, as long as I get good service. But my suspicion is that Discover Card is playing up the location of the call center in response to the backlash against call centers in many foreign places. I wouldn't be surprised if research showed that callers were nicer when they know the location of the person with whom they are dealing. Just found it interesting and thought I would share.

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