A Trillion Dollar Apple?

While Apple’s stock price is down from its peak last fall, it is still the best candidate to become the first company worth more than a trillion dollars. Think they’ve run out of tricks? Think again. Just like Google, Apple is looking for ways to get into finance and become the middleman that gets a cut of each transaction. That single move, done well, could propel the company into uncharted revenue territories. Check out the graphic below from Master-of-Accounting.netfor more details:

The Trillion Dollar Apple
Image compliments of Master of Accounting Degrees

To get to the $1 trillion mark, Apple’s market cap must increase by more than $400 billion. Think that’s insurmountable? History shows us that Apple’s value increased this much between 2008 and 2012. If Apple can grow at just 20% each year going forward, they should hit the trillion mark in 2015. In other words, we could see our first trillion dollar company not just in the decade but only 2 years from now.

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