A VW Truck?

Will Volkswagen offer a truck?

Len Hunt, the Volkswagen brand vice president here, admits it's "a rotten year, really." He mentions the big American sport-utility market, nearly 5 million vehicles, and says he dreams of having a small low-priced model, competing with the Honda CR-V or Jeep Liberty, plus a larger SUV with three rows of seats. Now he has only one SUV to sell, the fairly expensive Touareg, and it has only two seat rows.

It's an interesting move, which I think cheapens the VW brand a bit. Maybe VW should listen to Laura Ries and launch a truck line under a different name, not associated with VW.

  • Ronne Carnes

    I am 55 years old and have owned vw’s since i was 18. I think vw is completely missing the boat by not offering a small pickup truck with the diesel used in the jetta etc 4 cyl. I also think they should make a small car with a 3 cylinder diesel that gets 60 mpg. They are missing the boat by not promoting the diesel with the outrageous gas prices. Poor promotion of the proven diesel engine and a smaller version of the same engine in a smaller car and truck and promoting it for gods sake. This engine would save so much fuel if everyone drove one. Diesels get such a bad rap. America could take a lesson from the european countries. This country is full of stupid people.