A World of Change

In a world where change is the only constant, Lifesavers have been the same for 68 years. But no longer. I guess when you have something people love, it doesn't need to change much.

But the five-flavor roll remains the top seller. "It's a classic," Burke said. "It's been around for 68 years. People remember growing up with it."

And maybe like it just the way it was. But Burke said the online vote was intended to avoid a backlash. "We said let's give them a chance to voice their opinion and help us pick the new face for a classic."

Consumers chose from among 11 flavors for the new roll, including the incumbent five. Also on the ballot were tangerine, green apple and mango melon. LifeSavers had toyed with changing the lineup in 1999, putting pineapple up for replacement, but consumers voted online to keep it in the mix.

LifeSavers marketers don't expect the new flavor lineup to match the first one's shelf life. "Tastes change, and everything else changes," Burke said. "This has opened things up. Potentially other flavors could come in. We've changed the way we're looking at this business."