I’m Drea Knufken, one of the writers at BusinessPundit.com. Before joining Business Pundit, I worked in a variety of business and content production positions. Most recently, I was a travel writer. My book, “The Backroads and Byways of Colorado,” covers the best road trips in the state, mile-by-mile. Before that, I helped create two major websites for the Los Angeles tourism bureau, worked for Google (specifically, AdWords and Blogger.com) for three years, and worked for several technology startups in Silicon Valley at the tail end of the .com boom.

I run my own Web- and print content production business, and have published work in several national magazines. I have degrees in Business Management Economics and Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. I’m originally from San Diego, CA. I currently live in Boulder, CO.

Five things you would not otherwise know about me:
1) My first real business experience was as an intern with Africa Online in Accra, Ghana.
2) I fly Katana DA-20s, which connoisseurs refer to as “paper airplanes.” The old ones run on snowmobile engines.
3) My great uncle hijacked a steam trawler as part of a pre-WWII resistance movement.
4) I’m learning to play the mandolin.
5) I make really good tuna melt sandwiches.

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