Academic Marketing Ideas

This article looks at some marketing ideas that came from academia.

It has become respectable to dismiss the output of academics as irrelevant to the real world of marketing. The tortuous language, the lack of hands-on experience — what do they know of everyday practicalities? Quite a lot, as it turns out — if you know where to look.

Over the years, leading academics have devised elegant models, frameworks and methodologies to help guide decisions based on the fundamentals that underlie the discipline of marketing. A working knowledge of the best of these tools could save businesses hundreds of hours of consultants' fees. Here are 10 ideas that any self-respecting marketer should keep in their toolbox.

Like most other business ideas, these are simply frameworks for thinking. They don't provide you with any special, secret answers. You still have to apply them to the specific facts and details of your own situation. But these ideas are good to know on a conceptual level, so click over and check them out.

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