Accoona: An Even Better Search Engine


I've blogged about several different search engines as I've become increasingly frustrated with Google. I'm at the point that use it primarily for images and almost never for anything else. I liked Lexxe for awhile, but found that Clusty was better. So I've been splitting my time between that and Yahoo.

But recently, via Slashdot, I found Accoona. It is by far the best I've used. For instance, try searching for "Toyota." If you hit the "news" button, you get news stories about the company. If you hit the "business" button, you get all sorts of businesses related to Toyota. If you hit the "web" button, well, you get the kind of stuff you get with other search engines. The coolest thing is the "supertarget" section that shows up with the news searches. You can limit your search to a time period (last 7 days, last 30 days, etc), a person, a country… there are all kinds of ways to filter your results. The site is supposedly built with some cool A.I. technology. Check it out if you get a chance.

  • & … by the increased revenues Accoona will generate from using Overture’s paid listings.

  • Looks like they won’t have the same problems that Google had with the Chicomms – they are already in bed with them. From their “about us”:

    …leveraging its advanced search technologies, experienced executives, and strong relations with China…”

    Anyone know enough Chinese to see what happens if you look up “Falun Gong” their Chinese version?

  • Jason

    Director Mitch: If you put in the English phrase, you get no results. If you put in the simplified Chinese characters, you get links to largely government sanctioned resources.

    Of course, I don’t trust the Chinese government as far as I can spit, but I suppose it should be OK for the US searches.

    I find that google still turns in better/similar results, but that its much, much faster. I think it needs more time. I dunno what sort of role AI has in a search engine, but it sounds more like marketing hype. Also, I complain a lot :).