Acting Sucks

Over at The Daily Idea, we decided we had our process under control to the point that we could start expanding the format. So expect two things… first, a move to 3 shows a week. Second, less of Nikki in front of the blue screen.

Last night we spent nearly 3 hours shooting a script for an upcoming episode, and I came to the conclusion that there isn't enough money to pay me to act. It is extremely boring to sit for 30 minutes, then say a line 5 times, then sit for 30 more minutes. My boredom tolerance is just set way too low. But, there was one fun moment where four of us had to race out of the room. You can see the takes below.

  • Who is that handsome fat man?

  • Jay

    Line of the evening?

    “I’ve had my nose broken three times. My sinus cavities are all screwed up.”

  • Rob

    Jay’s comment above has to do with the fact that I was supposed to snore in the skit, and I could not physically do it. So, I had to make this lame throaty gargling sound instead. I blame it on my nose being broken three times.