Adele on Grammys performance: Sh*t happens and I ate In N Out Burger

Adele Grammys 2016 performance marred in audio issues

If you watched Adele’s performance at the Grammys, you are probably aware that she didn’t deliver her trademark flawless performance.

The awkward outcome was not the fault of Adele, but rather several audio problems that show producer’s should have watched for more closely.

The stripped-down setup for another brilliant Adele performance was all there: a dramatic spotlight on the singer in a floor-length, fitted scarlet gown and a single piano.

As the British songstress started to sing “All I Ask” from her third album, “25,” the sound cut out for several seconds, returning during the first verse. A strange guitar sound was then heard and fans took immediate notice.

It may have also thrown off the singer, as one Los Angeles Times music writer observed on Twitter that Adele’s usually pitch-perfect notes were actually flat this evening.

Sound issues were an issue all night at the Grammys but Adele fans took the most notice.

For her part Adele took the audio problems in stride. “S–t happens,” she tweeted.

She also explained that piano mics falling down were to blame for the weird guitar sound.

It wasn’t all bad news for Adele. Following her performance she headed out to In N Out Burger to forget about the performance and drown herself in some delicious fast food.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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