Adolf Hitler Wine

Despite the outcry, business moves like this usually turn out well.

Christmas sales of Adolf Hitler wine have reached a record high thanks to publicity generated by attempts to ban it in both Brussels and Berlin.

He has already made a fortune but says this Christmas sales have "gone through the roof" thanks to the interest generated by publicity over attempts to ban his wine.

"Getting sued was the best thing that could have happened," Lunardelli said in a telephone interview from his company's headquarters near Udine on Italy's border with Austria.

Create controversy. That is one of the oldest marketing tactics in the book. If people would just ignore these things that offend them so much, they will usually go away. Remember Marilyn Manson? All those people protesting his concerts sent ticket sales through the roof. For some reason, the protest groups have never figured out how much they are helping the causes they are against – but it looks like the entrepreneurs have.

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