Aeropostale has filed for bankruptcy a decade after being a hit among teens

Aeropostale bankruptcy

Aeropostale was once one of the most popular brands among teens and now the company has filed for bankruptcy.

The company within the last decade had positioned itself as a cheaper alternative to Abercrombie & Fitch, allowing teens to spend their own hard earned cash on clothes that still gave somewhat of a trendy appeal.

The company during its bankruptcy filing said it will be out of debt within six months.

Last June, Crain’s New York reported that the retailer lost 95% of its value in just five years.

To turn around its business the company plans to close 113 stores in the US and all 41 stores in Canada. Abercrombie currently operates 739 stores and 25 PS from Aeropostale stores.

Piper Jaffray polled teens in its semiannual Taking Stock With Teens Survey to find out where they were and were not shopping.

Aeropostale ranked at the top for brands that upper-income females no longer wear.

Brands no longer worn by females

Piper Jaffray

Upper-income males are also abandoning the brand.

Failing clothing brands

Piper Jaffray

The company has been attempting to reconnect with it’s core audience in any way possible. Its own blog features aesthetics close to those found on Pinterest.

The company even tapped popular YouTube star Bethany Mota for her own collections last year.

Apparently Aeropostale is still missing the mark and if the company hopes to stay out of debt in the future it will need to reconnect with its core audience.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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