Airbus to sell three A380 superjumbo jets to Japan’s ANA Holdings

AIrbus A380 Superjumbo Jet

European planemaker Airbus has won a contract to provide three A380 superjumbo jets to Japan’s biggest carrier ANA Holdings Inc. The deal is valued at nearly 150 billion yen ($1.25 billion), the Nikkei reported.

The planes will debut in 2018 and will fly routes to Hawaii and other locations, the paper reported.

Orders for Airbus A380s have dried up in recent years as the industry shifts towards smaller, twin-engine planes that cost less to fly than the four-engine jumbos, which can carry as many as 525 passengers.

The Airbus order arrives less than two months after Boeing announced an order for two 747-8 jumbo jets. That was the company’s first order for the planes in two years.

Airbus had announced plans to sell two A380’s in 2014 but that $2 billion contract with Japanese discount carrier Skymark Airlines Inc for six of the superjumbo passenger jets was cancelled when the company failed to raise the funds necessary to acquire the aircraft.

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On Wednesday, Airbus said it has pushed back the delivery of its first A320neo aircraft to the start of 2016, a plane that was scheduled to arrive at the end of 2015.

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