Airlines, Hotels Offer Incentives to Donate to Haiti Relief

The travel industry is reacting to the Haiti earthquake by incentivizing customers to donate. USA Today has a roundup of what these companies are doing:

American Airlines: Flew three relief flights to Haiti. (Each) carried 10,000 pounds of supplies for the airline’s 100 employees in Haiti as well as materials for local hospitals. American has scheduled another three relief flights for Thursday, the company said. (American) says it will give a one-time 250-mile bonus to AAdvantage members who make a minimum $50 donation to the American Red Cross. If frequent-fliers up that to $100. AA will dole out 500 bonus miles.

Spirit: says it will give 5,000 frequent-flier miles to members that donate at least $5 to the Red Cross, UNICEF or Yele Haiti. Spirit says it’s prepared to dole out up to a billion miles in total.

United: its frequent-flier members can “donate Mileage Plus miles to the American Red Cross through our Charity Miles program. These miles can be used by the American Red Cross to assist in getting aid workers to affected areas.”

Starwood:is partnering with the Red Cross to collect hotel points to help bankroll relief efforts. Click here for details. Donated Starpoints are not tax deductible. Donations may be made in the following amounts: 4,000 points=$50; 8,000 points=$100; 12,000-$150, and 16,000 points=$200.

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Written by Drea Knufken

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