Global alcohol sales have fallen for the first time in 15 years

Alcohol sales decline

The alcohol industry on a global scale has experienced its first decline in sales since Euromonitor International started keeping score in 2001.

Sales in dollar terms rose by about 2% but overall consumption fell by 0.7% in 2015.

The slump was likely caused by slumping economies in major emerging markets. Without money to spend many drinkers were being forced to sober up.


The biggest consumer of alcohol, China, witnessed a decline of 3.5% as its economy crumbled.

Brazil and eastern Europe also fell by 2.5% and 4.9% respectively.

It’s a drastic shift for an industry that tends to see high volumes in both good times and bad.


Rum and vodka took the biggest hits while English gin, Irish Whiskey, and Japanese whisky surged in popularity.

Drinks that continue to have success are those favored by a spirit loving millennial crowd

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Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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