Alonovo – A Company Rating Marketplace

Alonovo is an interesting site.

Begin with easy to use, visually appealing web technology.

* Add a database that continuously receives trusted, accurate data about the practices of manufacturers and merchants, as well as product quality information.
* Add the ability for you to describe the attributes of social responsibility that are the most important to you.
* Add a comprehensive array of products at competitive prices.

Then comes the most important element in this entire concept… you!
Without you, is like a car with no driver.

When you purchase using, you are doing your part to send a clear message to businesses—we want blue skies, clean water, a fair and growing economy, intelligent use of our natural resources, safe and humane workplaces and sensible partnerships with local communities.

Personally, I think when push comes to shove, corporate values aren't that important to most consumers. Most people that don't shop at WalMart point to messy stores and poor customer service, not their pay practices or anti-union stance. Of course, this is all anecdotal, but I think most people don't see companies as having responsibility to affect major positive social and environmental change. But the movement is growing. In the future, it's possible that a positive societal impact could become a form of competitive advantage.

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