Always Selling

I really dropped the ball today. I made an offer to a guy and I think I pissed him off. He interviewed great, he had experience and enthusiasm, but we can't financially give him what he is making now. I went into the offer in somewhat of an apologetic tone thinking that would somehow make it better, but it just made it worse. It reminded me that as an entrepreneur, I have to always be selling. Sell product, sell service, sell the job offer, sell the new strategy, sell myself – that's a big part of it. I should have treated the potential employee the way I would treat a customer – upbeat and with confidence. I should have put things in positive terms and made him feel good about the deal and his future with us. I think he would have understood. Instead I made it seem like we felt sorry for him in some way. I feel like hell now, but I guess that is part of the game. I have to take the bad with the good. There is a learning curve, and it is steep for me.

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Well tomorrow is another day and I hope it is back to the fun side of business. I just keep telling myself how much better I will be the next time I am in that situation.