Amazon bans cheap USB-C cables that don’t meet standards

USB-C ban on Amazon

USB-C cables are the future of the standard but for now Amazon is making sure that only the best-of-the-best cables are allowed on its retailer platform.

Low-quality cables can cause laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices to short circuit and in extreme cases, even catch on fire.

On Wednesday, Google engineer Benson Leung noticed that Amazon has banned USB-C cables that don’t fully 100% comply with industry standards.

“Any USB-C™ (or USB Type-C™) cable or adapter product that is not compliant with standard specifications issued by “USB Implementers Forum Inc,” says a notice on Amazon’s list of prohibited items.

Leung has spent months testing various USB-C cable and he found that when wired incorrectly they can become faulty, leading to permanent damage to your electronic gadgets.

He lost a $1,499 Pixel 2 Chromebook because of a faulty cable, which set him off on his journey to examine the standard and leave negative reviews.

Leung says the fight isn’t over even with Amazon’s intervention. He says customers themselves need to “continue to be vigilant and call out any bad products we find on Amazon and other stores.”

The best advice for shoppers? Buy a cable that is manufactured by or endorsed by your hardware provide. For example, Apple offers its own USB-C cables for its supported Macbook models.

Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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