Amazon customers beg Jeff Bezos to ‘dump Trump’

Jeff Bezos and Amazon

13,000 Amazon customers have signed a petition calling for the company to cut ties with Donald Trump and his various products currently available for sale on the company’s web platform.

The petition was created by UltraViolet, a women’s rights group.

In the petition the group asks Bezos to stop selling menswear from the Donald J. Trump Collection. There are currently 8 items from that collected listed on Amazon.

“As an Amazon customer, I am deeply disappointed that you have yet to sever your business relationship with Donald Trump,” the letter reads. “His hatred should have no place in the Amazon marketplace.”

This wouldn’t be the first company to boot Donald Trump. Macy’s pulled his clothing line from its a shelves and mattress maker Serta recently said it was pulling its endorsement. ESPN also pulled its celebrity gold tournament from a Trump golf course.

“It’s long past time for Amazon to follow Macy’s lead, sever its ties with Trump, and stop profiting off of his brand of hate,” the petition urges. “He has encouraged violence at his rallies, mocked his opponent’s wife, and even refused to denounce his campaign manager who was recently arrested for violently assaulting a female reporter.”

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Even if the Donald Trump merchandise is removed, there are more thanĀ 44,600 results for Trump merchandise sold by third-party providers.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson is the Retail Editor at BusinessPundit. She focuses on Fortune 500 retail company's and disruptive brick-and-mortar and e-commerce companies that are changing the retail landscape.