Amazon kills price match refunds on everything but TVs

Amazon refund price matching policy ends

Amazon has ended its price protection policy on all products except for TVs.

The policy allowed customers to request a refund when the cost of an item fell shortly after purchase.

Amazon has ended the policy at a time when many third-party providers started to help consumers automate the process of requesting refunds when prices change on online sites.

Third-party app Earny said about 50% of its refund requests were for Amazon purchases.

Before this week’s change, Amazon’s price together policy would allow for refund requests for up to seven days after a product purchase. If you purchased an item from Amazon which the company later marked down, you could request a refund.

Some stores, such as Best Buy, provide price matching during its returns and exchange period which is 15 days. Walmart offers 90 days of price protection.

Here is the original email Amazon would send for price matches.

Amazon protection refund policy ends

Following the change in policy, Amazon sent an email that said “with the exception of TVs, doesn’t offer post-purchase adjustments.”

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Amazon’s website also now reflects the new policy with the following notice:

“ consistently works toward maintaining competitive prices on everything we carry and will match the price of other retailers for some items. will price match eligible purchases of televisions with select other retailers. For all other items, doesn’t offer price matching.”

Amazon issued the following statement:

Our customers expect to come to Amazon and find the lowest prices and we are obsessed with maintaining that customer trust. We work hard to find the best prices out there and match them for all customers every day. Further, we take customer security very seriously and want to remind them not to share their Amazon account credentials with anyone.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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