Amazon says women are paid the same wages as men

Amazon men and women worker pay

Amazon says women, men, and minorities earn the same wages for the same jobs at the company.

In a survey of its staff, Amazon found that women made 99.9% of mens earnings in equivalent positions last year. Minorities made slightly more than whites, taking home 100.1% of what Caucasians earned.

“There will naturally be slight fluctuations from year to year, but at Amazon we are committed to keeping compensation fair and equitable,” an Amazon spokesman said in a statement.

The survey was in response to a request from Arjuna Capital, an activist shareholder that challenged the company to determine any disparity in pay.

Amazon had initially petitioned the Securities and Exchange Commission to withhold that information, a request that was denied.

As a result, Amazon released the survey results, preempting Arjuna’s shareholder proposal. Arjuna is in the process of withdrawing its proposal.

“After an initially defensive response, Amazon is stepping up to the plate and making a public commitment to gender pay equity,” said Natasha Lamb, director of equity research and shareholder engagement at Arjuna Capital. “It’s good for the company, it’s good for employees, and it’s good for shareholders.”

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Arjuna has been on a mission to show gender and minority gaps. It recently convinced Expedia to disclose its policies and goals for addressing the gender pay gap. The agency also convinced Apple and Intel to show their pay disparity in 2015.

Pay disparity disclosures will soon become law. In January, President Obama ordered the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to begin collecting companies’ pay data, broken down by sex, ethnicity and race.

It is believed that on a national basis women earn just 79% compared to male salaries.

Written by John Howard

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