Amazon starts selling Comcast service on newly launched ‘Amazon Cable Store’

Amazon Cable Store

Amazon is reselling Comcast’s Internet and television service on its site through a new portal called “Amazon Cable Store.”

The branding on the new store suggests that Amazon may soon start offering other services in the future.

The Cable Store allows customers to browse a variety of packages that start at Internet-only deals and combined Internet/TV/phone bundles.

The new portal helps customers complete a credit check, and then schedule an installation – all from

Amazon is also offering specials like an Amazon Gift Card for signing up, and dedicated customer service for Amazon customers.

According to the site, Amazon customers who sign up for Comcast’s XFINITY service will have access to a dedicated customer service line where calls are answered with “no waiting.”

It’s still unclear which markets are being served by the Amazon Cable Store.

Pricing appears to be competitive with the XFINITY website and customers can build lower-cost TV bundles based on their budgets. Buyers can choose a core group of base channels, then add to them with different variety packs (Speciality Channels; Family Channels; Sports Channels; and Premium Entertainment).

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Amazon has not disclosed the terms of its deal with Comcast.

Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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