America Finally Gets a Real Bus


No offense, Greyhound. Or you, Amtrak. But you’ve caused myself and many other Americans enough travel delays to read War and Peace fifty times over.

Greyhound is notorious for travel delays, uncomfortable seats, bad smells, and confusing ticketing practices. Amtrak, though it evokes a vague, undefinable sense of nostalgia, is about as expedient as a carrier pigeon.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. British corporation Megabus just went nationwide. Current developments set it up to make a major dent in the Houndtrak hegemony.

On May 30, the big double-deckers made their way to the East Coast. Offering intercity travel between major hubs such as Boston and New York, the company’s discount ($1) fares and online booking have made a popular alternative in the Midwest and West coast. They claim to offer a new fleet, on-the-road video, and, starting June 9th, free Wi-Fi.

To launch their East Coast branch, the company offered free seats to 10,000 East Coast travelers. Which explains why the website is consistently impossible to access.

Sounds like a grand deal to me. People in the past have cited very low fares as attracting really scary passengers. At this stage in the recessionary game, I think I’d be willing to brave it. What do you think?

  • Alex

    I’ve ridden the Megabus from LA to Vegas–a four-hour drive with a 15-minute pit stop in the middle. It was very comfortable and I highly recommend the service.

  • The megabus is really popular in Minneapolis, offering cheap trips to Chicago and Milwaukee – college students especially are huge fans since it makes it easy to go home for breaks or weekends.

    I wasn’t aware that it was going nationwide. That is awesome, and I really hope all goes well since this type of public trans is what our country needs more of.

  • WiFi? I may hop on just to escape my kids this summer!

  • The Megabus is great! We’ve been sending my MIL between LA and Las Vegas with it. She has no complaints and for the price of a round-trip ticket with Megabus, we’ll get one-way with Amtrak or Greyhound.