American Airlines lashes out at horrible TSA wait times

TSA under fire by American Airlines

American Airlines is picking a fight with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) because of incredibly long wait lines at major airport hubs that are delaying passengers on the way to their destinations.

“The lines at TSA checkpoints nationwide have become unacceptable,” American spokesman Ross Feinstein said in a statement Wednesday. “The result: our customers are waiting in TSA lines greater than one hour.”

The company says wait times got “exponentially worse” in the first quarter of 2016.

During the spring-break week of March 14-20, nearly 6,800 American Airlines passengers missed flights because of checkpoint delays.

Airports with the worse delays during Spring break included Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, and Philadelphia.

“As we approach spring and summer, we are concerned that these lines will grow even longer,” Feinstein said.

It’s not just the airlines that are complaining about horrible TSA wait times. Charlotte-Douglass International Airport wrote to the TSA complaining about insufficient staffing at its checkpoints, resulting in longer lines. At one point travelers were waiting two to three hours to get through checkpoints.


For its part, the TSA says it has been tightening operations and improving inspections. It has also pushed more people to sign up for its pre-screening program.

Officials at the TSA say they are forced to take their time to avoid allowing terrorists onto domestic and international flights.


Written by John Howard

John Howard

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