American Express Open: Question 2

There are a number of institutions that small business couldn't live without–FedEx, Kinkos, Staples, Starbucks. What new functions are
essential to small businesses today? Google? Ebay? What else?
There are several ways to go here. I could talk about government resources that small businesses can use, I could talk about free corporate resources they can use, I can talk about free web resources they could use, but I think I will focus on the top technology resources for small businesses.

First off is Skype. Talk free with anyone, anywhere. If you want to do business in another state, or even another country, you need Skype. I've talked with people in Europe and it work better than the telephone.

Next on my list would be What? Am I crazy? No. Tagging is huge. Tagging is a great way to do research and share what you find. Small businesses need to always be learning, finding, sharing, and can help with that.

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After that, I think open source software, particularly content management systems. Why? They allow you to easily update your website to provide information to the stakeholders that need it.

What are some of the top tools and services that you couldn't live without?

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