American Materialism

I don't post much on politics, because there are a ton of other blogs out there that focus on politics, and I only like to post when it fits my niche (business) or I think I can offer a slightly different perspective from the rest of the blogosphere. So, most of you may not have pegged me yet as a libertarian (though I am not an objectivist). Anyway, I am an avid reader of Reason magazine, and I think this article on Madonna and materialism is pretty good. Particularly this part:

Trying to improve yourself and achieve wealth and renown in the classic American style, as Madonna did-by working hard and making something that satisfies and pleases your fellow man-is about as right as it gets in this material world. Striving to aim above that "superficial" level is what leads to wars of domination, to misguided busybody do-goodism; to Rick Santorum's yearning-to-be-high-minded philosophy of stamping out evil in all of our bedrooms; and in general to the officious, all-embracing, never-leaving-well-enough-alone practice of massive, encumbering government that stifles and ruins the truest American values.