This Is How Americans Are Balancing Their Days With Work, Sleep, And More

Work Daily Activities and the American Lifestyle

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released its 2014 American Time Use Survey and the results show that Americans would rather spend their time sleeping and watching TV than making money at their job. The annual survey included approximately 11,000 Americans who were asked to explain their average daily activities.

The results include all respondents, even if they did not engage in a certain activity. Therefore, an unemployed person would skew the data and lead to less work-related activities if they claim zero hours of daily employment.


Sleeping tops the list of activities with an average of 8.8 hours spent sleeping while working and work-related activities claimed just 3.59 hours per day. Americans enjoy their TV viewing with 2.82 hours spent in front of the tube every day.

The survey goes on to break down the time spent on “household activities” and “eating and drinking” among various other activities.

The team at Business Insider took the information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and created a helpful chart that shows exactly how Americans spend each 24-hour period.
How Americans Spend Their Time

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Written by Peter Mondrose

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