An Easy Way to Peeve Your Neighbors


What If You Could Eat Healthy On The Go?
  • Kevin P.

    I don’t get it. I showed this to a couple of other people in the office, and they don’t get it either. Maybe the problem is that the image is too small. So what’s the joke here, please?

  • Drea

    Kevin–could just be that my caption sucks. The paving machine went around the car because it was the only one parked on the street. You know how people put those notices on your car, or on your door, that say “don’t park here on Tuesday, the road is being repaved?” I figured that if I were a neighbor, and that one guy parked in that one spot on paving day, and then I had to live with a rectangle of old pavement on my street, I’d be annoyed. But hey, could just be that the whole joke fell flat. It happens.

  • Haha! Ok, I get it now… nice. :) Thanks for asking Kevin.