An Honest Budget?

I don't end up linking to many things that people send me, but this is something I can get behind, for the most part.

The Sound Dollar Committee is a registered 501c(3) and is strictly non-partisan. Its Campaign for an Honest Budget begins with the premise that the federal budget should be transparent, measurable, and independently verifiable. It supports:

Federal adoption of honest, "pay as you go" legislation so we do not continue to make the current situation worse;

Accounting for the total cost of new spending and tax cuts – including future interest on debt;

Reforms that can realistically lead to a sustainable and responsible budget over time;

Reforms that will promptly reverse the growth of the nation's trade deficit;

A strong and stable US dollar.

I agree that one of the biggest problems in America today is the budget. Both parties spend like crazy. I'm not as worried about the dollar and trade deficits. Given the global interconnectedness of the economy, my guess is that these are no longer accurately measured, but I'm not an economist so I'll defer to those that are.