Apple Doesn’t Have To Pay Wages For Bag Checks

Apple Store Bag Search Lawsuit

Apple does not have to pay employees for having their bags checked at the end of their shifts.

The tech giant won a big court case when a judge ruled that bag searches were not part of a regular work schedule.

The lawsuit was filed by five workers more than two years ago. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 12,400 workers at 52 Apple Stores in California.

One of the plaintiffs said waiting longer than five to ten minutes for the screenings added up to about $1,500 in lost wages per year.

A federal judge in San Francisco said anti-theft screenings were not a part of the employees’ job responsibilities. He argued that Apple Store workers could avoid the searches by not bringing a bag to work.

“Apple could have alleviated [theft concerns] by prohibiting its employees from bringing personal bags or personal Apple devices into the store,” U.S. district judge William Alsup wrote.

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“Instead, Apple took the lesser step of giving its employees the optional benefit of bringing such items to work, which comes with the condition that they must undergo searches,” he added.

Some employees told CEO Tim Cook that the searches were embarrassing and belittling.

Lawyers have not yet said if they would appeal the decision.

Written by Lane Hanson

Lane Hanson

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