Apple iPhone Colors Are Chosen Based On Chinese Consumer Interest

Apple iPhone Colors and Chinese Customer Preferences

iPhone colors are chosen by the preferences exhibited by Chinese customers according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

During an interview with the Chinese edition of Bloomberg Businessweek, Cook said the company is regularly attempting to cater to Chinese tastes.

Cook pointed to the gold iPhone which was first introduced in China because of interest shown by customers in the region. Gold is a lucky color in China and Apple wanted to capitalize on that good luck charm. Cook admits that Apple could capitalize on superstition and charge a premium for iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and other Apple devices sold in gold throughout China. The gold Apple Watch which retails for $20,000 sold out in minutes.

Apple has opened a new store in China every five days over the last year and the company continues to put more of its focus on Chinese customers who are helping quickly grow the company into the world’s first $1 trillion corporation.

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