Apple iPhone 7 Might Ditch Its Headphone Jack

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack

The Apple iPhone 7 might be radically changed by the removal of the devices headphone jack.

Apple is no stranger to ditching popular features for better tech options. In the 1990s it removed the floppy drive, eventually many Macbook’s removed the CD drive that proceeded floppies, and in 2012 Apple killed its own 30-pin connector in favor of a new, and better, Lightning connector.

It was recently rumored that Apple was considering the removal of the Home button, opting instead for a 3-D touch screen. Now rumors are pointing to the removal of the smartphones headphone jack.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to listen to music on the device, Apple will be moving to headphones that draw power from the phone through a Lightning audio connector, the same access point for charging your phone.

At least one company is already ahead of the game, Fidelio Headphones has already designed a set of headphones that uses the Lightning connector to connect to your devices. They’re available on Amazon for around $230.

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Apple has proprietary ownership of the Lighting port, which means Android users will probably be stuck with the same headphone jack they have been using for years.

Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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