Apple iPhones and iPads Won’t Get More Storage And Phil Shiller Explains Why

Apple and iPhone and iPad Storage Space

Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller has come out and said Apple smartphones and tablets are not expected to receive more storage space. Currently, customers can purchase devices starting with 16GB of storage and upgrade to 128GB models. Despite users flocking to their mobile devices at record rates, Shiller says the need for more memory will soon no longer enter into the equation.


According to the Apple exec, “The belief is more and more as we use iCloud services for documents and our photos and videos and music, that perhaps the most price-conscious customers are able to live in an environment where they don’t need gobs of local storage because these services are lightening the load.”

That increase in cloud storage might not be happening fast enough for many users. Photo app Ice Cream in 2014 released a study that found many iPhone users were regularly running out of space on their phones:

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Running out of space on iPhones

Apple currently offers 5GB of free iCloud storage. Although users must still pay for cellular data if they are not backing up their pictures, videos, and other information over WiFi. Apple then charges for any additional storage use.

While Phil Shiller doesn’t see the need for increased storage space on Apple iPhones and iPads, he does admit that the company is attempting to shrink the size of iOS updates in order to conserve precious storage space for mobile device users. Currently, Apple iOS updates consume 4GB of storage on your iPhone and the company has plans to push that number down to only 1.3GB of space.

Apple also hopes to use app thinning as a way to lower the amount of memory each app you download uses. That process will determine the version of iOS you are running and the type of devices you are operating and only download the relevant files to operate the application.


Written by Peter Mondrose

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