Apple is expected to announce smaller iPhone and iPad Pro today

Smaller Apple devices

At 10 a.m. PT today Apple CEO Tim Cook will step out onto a stage in Cupertino, California and announce a handful of new Apple devices.

Among those new devices is the expected smaller 4-inch version of the company’s popular iPhone lineup.

Over the past nine years Apple iPhone devices have gone from 3.5-inch displays to the massive 5.5-inch display of the iPhone 6S Plus. The company has continually touted its larger screen capabilities.

Today, the company is expected to move in the opposite direction for what many analysts believe will be called the iPhone SE or iPhone 5SE.

The new smartphone will feature a four-inch display, making it the same size as the three-year-old iPhone 5S. Even though its design is expected to be retro (based on leaked images), the phone’s internals will be all modern and on par with the iPhone 6S. Look for an A9 chip, better camera, and NFC for Apple Pay.

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Apple is releasing the new device because of research that found many buyers are looking for a smaller sized device.

The company is also expected to debut a 9.7-inch display for its iPad Pro line. 

While the new iPad Pro is expected to look similar to the iPad Air, it will feature the Pro’s speedier processor. It will also be able to connect to Apple’s snap-on smart keyboards (in a smaller size). The Apple Pencil will also work with the device.

Full details will be released in a few short hours from now.

Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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