Apple Music And iOS 8.4 Drop On June 30 At 8AM

Apple Music Debut Date

Are you ready to give Apple Music a free trial run? The company’s newest music offering will launch on June 30 at 7 AM PT. iPhone and iPad users will be able to download the streaming music platform and Apple iOS 8.4 at the same time.

The two platforms are dropping at the same time because iOS 8.4 is required for Apple Music.

Anyone interested in using Apple Music right out of the gate could experience a delay in their download. Apple Music is a streaming service enabled by an update made available OTA, and traditionally that has led to a few update hiccups as millions of Apple users attempt to take advantage of changes all at the same time.

Along with Apple Music, customers will gain access to a streaming radio service called Beats 1, which features artists hosting programming sections and full-time DJs headed by ex-BBC host Zane Lowe.

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Are you planning on downloading Apple Music and iOS 8.4 on June 30?