Apple Music Crosses 15 Million Users Milestone

Apple Music Subscriber Numbers

Apple Music has passed a major milestone, reaching 15 million users, including 6.5 million who are now paying for the service.

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the music products progress during a talk at WSJDLive, The Wall Street Journal’s global technology conference.

8.5 million customers are currently trying the service with three-month trials.

Apple launched Apple Music on June 30 and offered every user a three-month trial period. Once the trial period ends customers can continue using the music platform for $9.99 a month for individual subscriptions or $14.99 for families.

In August, Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue, said Apple Music had amassed 11 million customers on the trial version. If those numbers are correct, Apple is retaining 60% of its free tiral customers after their initial free period has expired.

To put Apple Music’s numbers into perspective, Spotify launched in 2008 and has 75 million active users, of which 20 million are paid subscribers.

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Talkin about the launch of Apple Music and its relative success, Cook said, “The runway here is really good.”

Cook also revealed that the new version of Apple TV will start shipping at the end of the week.