Apple Wows Users with New iPod Nano, Upgraded iTunes


A cool new iPod Nano, revamped iTunes, innovative home content sharing, and digital LP technology stole the show at Apple’s “It’s Only Rock and Roll” conference today. Steve Jobs himself appeared at the San Francisco event, much to viewer’s delight.

Here’s a summary of the Apple show, based on what the folks at Engadget reported on their liveblog:

First, Steve Jobs himself appeared on state. He recounted a few key Apple sales statistics (we have included all the stats in the entire presentation below):

–30 million iPhones sold in just over 2 years
–75,000 apps in the App Store
–1.8 billion apps downloaded by users
–100 million iTunes accounts, all with credit cards
–220 million iPods sold to date
–Latest market data gives iPod 73.8% share
–20 million iPod touches sold
–21,178 entertainment titles (games) in the App Store
–100 million iPod nanos sold

New Software/Hardware:

iPhone OS 3.1

–This free upgrade is available today

–Apple has applied Genius technology to Store apps. Genius can reccomend apps to you based on what you own.

–Adding more than 30,000 ringtones to the Store, for $1.29 a pop

iTunes 9
Home sharing. You can copy songs, TV shows, and other content between up to 5 computers in your home. You’ll see everyone’s content, then drag and copy it to your own library. (Apparently this means that one person in your home can buy an app, and everyone else can have it, too.)

New: Genius Mixes, a DJ-like program that plays mixes from your library. Like having a personalized radio station.

Improved syncing. You can now sync by artist, genre, playlist, etc.

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Manage apps in iTunes. You can now move apps through iTunes and arrange your home screens there.

Better Store. A cleaner design, new artist and movie pages, new integration with Facebook and Twitter,

iTunes LPs. iTunes has essentially imported the classic LP–with illustrations, lyrics, photos, writing, even interviews–onto iTunes. You can now see and browse entire LPs through iTunes.

iPod Nano
Each new nano now comes with an 8GB (video) camera in back. You can send videos to YouTube, watch them on your iPod, and send them to your computer.

New features: Genius mixes, FM radio, pedometer (syncs to Nike), voiceover, microphone/speaker.

–Nanos now have a larger display.

New prices: 8GB — $149. 16GB — $179.

New iPod Touch prices
64GB — $399
32GB — $299
8GB — $199

iPod Classic
160GB (new capacity) — $249

iPod Shuffle
Now with snazzy new headphones, which all have the controller for the shuffle.

Shuffle voice will now inform you when it closes the airlock, and when the battery is full.

New colors: pink, silver, blue, green, black. Special edition: polished stainless steel.

–2GB — $59; 4GB — $79

Price Drop on Current iPod Models

Apple dropped prices on its current models earlier today. The 8GB iPod Nano and 120GB iPod Classic dropped $20 in price; the 8GB iPod Touch costs $40 less; the 16GB Nano and 16GB Touch are $50 cheaper, and the 32GB Touch is a whopping $120 less.

Demos include new iTunes, new games for iPod Touch, LPs, and more. Please see Engadget for details.

Written by Drea Knufken

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