Apple Safari browser is crashing all over the world

Apple Safari Crashing

If your Apple Safari browser has been crashing you’re sadly not alone.

Customers of the company’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac products have been reporting full-on crashes with their devices.

On the Apple support forums, a post points to Safari’s search suggestions box as the source of the glitch. Typing anything into the box appears to crash the app, requiring a reboot of the application.

A temporary fix can be found by disabling that feature in the browsers setting menu. Several developers online say the glitch may have been caused by a server outage.

Apple released the latest version of its iOS system earlier this week, but it is unlikely that the problem could be related to the update, since Safari is crashing on Macs too, which use a different desktop-based OS.


Users all over the world are reporting the Safari crash on social media.

There has been no official response from Apple at this time.

The crash arrives just one day after Apple reported slowing iPhone sales for the quarter ended in 2015.

Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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