Apple Wins Again With New iPods

I’m getting tired of Apple. Not the products, which are inevitably beautiful and technologically slick, but the hype. Apple is so far ahead of the curve in both cellphones and portable music devices that the media coverage has become totally predictable. Apple is Lance Armstrong winning 7 Tour de Frances in a row. They just can’t go wrong.

From PC World, on Apple’s new iPod Nano:

The real star of the show…was the new iPod Nano. The device’s fourth generation bears a strong resemblance to those pictures that have leaked out across gadget blogs over the past few days, with a longer body and larger display. The screen’s orientation shifts when the player is turned sideways, making it possible to watch video.

As has been rumored for weeks on various blogs, the new iPod Nano is a return to the tall, skinny look of its early days. However, this is, Jobs said, the thinnest iPod ever. Highlights include a new accelerometer that’ll let owners rotate the player to see photos in portrait mode and watch videos. The feature that drew the biggest applause, though, was the “Shake to Shuffle.” As you would guess, it lets users shake the iPod Nano to play a new song. The body is aluminum and the screen is actually covered with curved glass.

The Nano, as uebercool as it is, seems like a yawn compared to the iPhone 3G. Why even get an iPod anymore?

The new ‘pods also make me wonder about Apple’s timing.
Surely they would be selling more iPods if they’d released the updated players before the iPhone 3G. It gleaned first-mover advantages with the new iPhone 3G, but I think that Apple is so far ahead of the curve anyway that it could have stalled some, choosing to release the new iPods first instead. Especially considering the delivery delays people faced getting theirs.

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Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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