Apprentice Participants Sound Off

Fast Company has a nice collection of shorts written by Apprentice participants about their experience. My favorite line:

If Donald Trump wasn't a real-estate tycoon, I wouldn't have wanted to do the show. I thought there was something I could learn from him. Quite honestly, I didn't learn anything.

Donald Trump isn't going to hire the most successful entrepreneur on his show. He's going to hire the person who can take direction, a person who's used to working for other people. If you're a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word, you will not become the next Apprentice.

I have never been overly impressed by Donald Trump's general business acumen. I think it is limited to real-estate. For instance, I think Jack Welch could run Trump's organization, but Trump couldn't run GE. Admittedly I don't really know either one of them, but that's my perception based on what I do know. Or maybe I'm just bitter because I'm not a billionaire.

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