Are American Companies Buying a Pro-Business Judiciary?

That is the claim of this article by Michael Scherer.

Now, with a sympathetic ear in the White House, corporate America is taking its legal agenda to the federal bench with a behind-the-scenes campaign of high-powered lobbying and interest-group advertising. Pryor is just one of the corporate stars. Several of President Bush's nominees to federal appeals and district courts — and even White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales, a former Texas Supreme Court justice who now selects federal nominees for the president — owe their careers to the support of the insurance, retail, and energy industries that got them elected on the state level.

I don't get it. I guess the folks at Mother Jones think corporate America should not be allowed to voice their opinions. Personal responsibility no longer matters in the US judicial system, so people sue companies right and left for outrageous sums when the company isn't at fault, knowing they will settle out of court because it is cheaper than paying lawyers to go through a court battle even if the company wins. Yes I know there are some bad companies out there, and some lawsuits are valid, but overall, most companies are run by decent people who (believe it or not) actually care about their customers and are willing to right any wrongs they are responsible for.

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I don't understand why being pro-business disqualifies someone from being a judge. I think it is a good thing. Can anyone deny that we have one of the highest standards of living in the world due in large part to corporations? I think a business friendly court equals a higher standard of living. Next they will say you can't be a judge if you support capitalism because that bias may be reflected in your decisions.

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