Are Entrepreneur’s Mental?

The Canadian Headhunter wonders if entrepreneurs are mental.

In David Campbell's memoir of his life as an entrepreneur, he notes that after he prepared one apartment building for cable TV he decided he could do the same for the whole city.

I was reminded of this when I read that in people suffering from bipolar (manic) depression small successes trigger exaggerated surges of confidence.

I wondered if this common tendency to leap from small successes to large enthusiasms indicated a link between entrepreneurs and mania.

Go read the whole thing. It's pretty interesting.

Are entrepreneurs really mental? Of course not. Anyone who starts a business is lured by legends of riches and and easy lifestyle (and they do turn out to be legends only, for most entrepreneurs). But serial entrepreneurs – they have problems. I don't think it's mania though. I'd call it masochism.

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