Are Medical Journals Immoral Marketing?

This article claims that medical journals may be immoral marketing tools for drug companies.

Richard Smith thinks that the way medical journals make their money, by publishing scientific papers, is immoral. He also says they are little more than a marketing tool of the drug companies. That's harsh talk from anybody – but even more remarkable from Smith, who was editor of the British Medical Journal for 25 years until his departure last summer.

Smith, like his outspoken former counterpart, Lancet editor Richard Horton, is unafraid of controversy. The two of them used to do a lively double-act now and again, exposing the sharp practices of ambitious or desperate academics and single-minded drug companies bent on publication in prestigious peer-reviewed journals. But now it appears that Smith's think ing has moved on to question the very existence of medical journals in their present form.

How convenient…he didn't question the existence of medical journals until he stepped down from one. Don't get me wrong, I don't see the need to have so many, but why not reach that conclusion when he had more power to do something about it?

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