Are You Too Busy to Shop?


Are you too busy to shop? If you’re a woman, the answer is yes. That’s the premise of a new book by marketing expert Kelley Murray Skoloda. 

“Too Busy to Shop: Marketing to Multi-Minding Women” is based on research, interviews, and Skoloda’s experience in brand marketing to women. The title grabbed me because I am definitely too busy to shop. I find myself, a diehard store brand purchaser and price comparison shopper, reaching for what is convenient, what is familiar. Maybe all those brand messages are becoming more important.

In the book, Skoloda teaches marketers and business owners how to reach female consumers. Because women are still the shoppers. According to Skoloda, women control 85% all consumer purchases and a growing number of business purchases. Properly target women, and sales will improve. From Skoloda’s website:

“Too Busy to Shop” leads readers on a journey to new and better ways to market to women. To lag behind and do less with today’s powerful, techno-savvy, multi-minding female consumer will eventually erode your bottom line. 

In “Too Busy to Shop” Skoloda uses the term ‘multi-minding’ to describe the mental juggling act women are performing today. Commercial messages are lost between family, career, and self-care decisions. The old ways of marketing don’t work anymore.

“Women in the South and all across the world are busier than ever juggling their lives at work and at home; they don’t respond to the tried-and-true marketing approaches,” said Skoloda. “And given their buying power, if marketers aren’t targeting women effectively, they’ll lose.”

I feel like I always need to accomplish six things at once. Apparently marketers do to. Skoloda emphasizes the importance of consumer co-brand management. In addition, the book contains insiders’ views of some of the most successful marketing-to-women campaigns of recent times.

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For insight, pick up a copy of Too Busy to Shop on Amazon.

For tips on doing those six things at once, check out Skoloda’s blog Too Busy to Shop.