Arianna Huffington joined Uber’s board to bring more ’emotional intelligence’

Arianna Huffington is newest member of Uber board of directors

Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington has joined Uber’s board of directors.

Huffington is expected to bring “emotion intelligence” to the ride-sharing company. She will also help improve the company’s brand marketing, CEO Travis Kalanick revealed on Wednesday.

“That ability to tell stories is invaluable for an engineer like me, whose natural tendency is to rely on data. As I’ve discovered, that doesn’t always work perfectly. So it’s Arianna’s emotional intelligence that I am most excited to learn from,” Kalanick wrote in a statement posted on both Huffington Post and

In an interview with CNN, Huffington said she would attempt to tell the story about how Uber is transforming cities.

“I would love to tell all the stories around what is happening in cities beyond transportation. Do some cities want to give free rides to cancer patients? Do they want to work with the Red Cross? There are so many possibilities,” she said.

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She continues: “Travis and I have also pledged to combat ‘drowsy driving.’ Uber has been instrumental in bringing drunk driving rates down, and we want to do the same for drowsy driving.”

With her new role Huffington said she will recuse herself from any decisions regarding Uber news coverage at The Huffington Post.

Kalanick called Arianna Huffington a personal friend.

“From the start of our friendship it was obvious that she believes deeply in our mission: transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone,” Kalanick wrote.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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