Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Diamonds


Swiss company Algordanza memorializes deceased loved ones by turning their ashes into a ‘memorial diamond’. Why didn’t I think of that? 

In what they’re calling a ‘unique way for the bereaved to remember those who meant so much to them’, Algordanza has developed a process whereby the ashes or hair from a deceased loved one are turned into ‘genuine human diamonds’ that will last forever.

“Recently, a woman in Austin, Texas had a diamond made from her father’s remains,” Jared Parrish, director of sales and marketing for Algordanza, says. “The diamond was set in her engagement ring so her father could still walk with her down the aisle.”

How sweet. I’d sort of like a pendant made out of my dog when he passes so that I’ll be taking him for a walk as long as I live.

“What sets us apart from other companies that offer this service, is that our diamonds are genuine,” Jared Parrish, director of sales and marketing for Algordanza, says. “We do not use any chemical additives which makes these natural, not synthetic diamonds.”

Algordanza chemically draws carbon out from the ashes or hair and compresses it into graphite in a high pressure, high temperature-growth environment. The graphite undergoes the same process leading to rough crystallized diamonds which are then cut and polished.

The company states that while the memorial diamonds are primarily white, they may vary in color depending on the quantity of the element boron within the carbon. Just as no two human beings are alike, no two stones are identical.

If the deceases has a blue aura, will the diamond turn out blue? It’s something to consider if you’re going to be wearing the thing forever.

Add another C to color, cut, clarity, and carat. Now we have Creepy as well. But as for the Capitalism of it all, you have to hand it to them – they’ve got the emotional angle covered in what might be the ultimate in recycling. These will probably sell quite well, don’t you think?

Image Credit: Stephend9, Flickr