Attract Billions Effortlessly While You Sleep


Want to attract not millions, but billions to you effortlessly while you sleep? Who wouldn’t? Lucky for all of us Lilitah, creator of fabrics infused with powerful symbols, has created the Billionaire symbol.

According to their press release::

Each of us has a mindset towards money within our subconscious. This ‘blueprint’ is either attracting or repelling money, yet it is this mindset that determines financial success in life. Most people in poverty have a financial blueprint of fear, lack, and limitation, while the wealthy operate from a place of abundance, success, and opportunity. Financial and motivational gurus worldwide agree that in order to attract wealth, our fundamental blueprint, or unconscious beliefs, about money must be changed.

Apparently all you need to do to reverse your self-destructive unconscious beliefs is sleep with a very special monogram.

Lilitah’s claims that the Billionaire symbol creates the exact same changes as positive affirmations, creative visualization, self-help seminars, books, life coaches, and therapy – all without user effort.

Specifically, the Billionaire symbol:

  • Opens the subconscious mind to the abundance that surrounds us
  • Focuses the mind on success, opportunity, and positive thought
  • Removes fear, negative thoughts, self-doubt, and questions of self-worth
  • Creates positive internal dialogues regarding wealth
  • Instills beliefs that wealth and success are attainable
  • Delivers the message that wealth is deserved
  • Energizes and empowers the mind, allowing for clear, rational decision making (like decided to purchase some billionaire symbol covered bedding)
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The symbol was inspired by the Law of Attraction, which infers that like attracts like and experiences are directly related to thoughts, which come from beliefs. It is currently infused on luxurious throws, allowing users to ‘shift while they sleep’, and capitalize on what was previously pure downtime. Lilitah Billionaire can clear your mind, alter your beliefs, and change your life.

I couldn’t find a picture of the symbol itself, but the Billionaire Blanket sells for $500 on Can’t wait to read the reviews on that one.

Do you suppose the blanket seller is a billionaire yet? Just wondering. 

Image Credit: got_plaid?, Flickr