Audi’s new concept car has a longboard in its bumper

Audi concept car with skateboard built in

Automakers these days are willing to do anything to grab the attention of buyers who are seeking cool new features.

At the Beijing Auto Show this week automaker Audi debuted a concept car based on its Q3 model. The new car features an electric longboard that is stored in the rear bumper of the vehicle.

The basic idea is that drivers in traffic-clogged cities can switch from traveling by car to hopping on the skateboard if it helps them arrive at their final on time.

That’s not all. The car’s computer system is linked to a driver’s smartphone calendar, allowing them to calculate how long it will take to arrive at each appointment.

“In case the longboard option is faster, the system will recommend a parking space nearby so that the driver may continue the commute to the destination with the electric board,” Audi said in a statement.

Keep in mind this is just a concept and Audi isn’t sure if the vehicle will ever make it to market.

The longboard’s battery is charged while inside the bumper and can last for more than 12 kilometers (7½ miles), according to the company.

The device even has a handlebar that folds out and can go as fast as 30 kph (19 mph).

The longboard option might not be for everyone but ti shows the depth automakers are willing to go when attracting new demographics and offering new conveniences to customers.

Written by John Howard

John Howard

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