Jesse Wojdylo

In 2008 I began to study why and how people search. This included a deep understanding of Google algorithms, internet trends and the psychology of how we use the Internet. This knowledge has allowed me to help business owners reach their target audience and potential customers that are looking for information or services on their computer or smartphone.

  • Samsung See Through 18 Wheeler

    Will Samsung Provide “See Through” 18 Wheeler Trucks in the Future?

    Samsung ships a lot of goods in Argentina, which is good.  But that country has a very large number of accidents.  Many of Argentina’s accidents are due to cars trying to pass other cars and trucks on busy, narrow roads.  Samsung came up with a simple, but brilliant idea. Simple But Brilliant Flat-screens and live-streaming […]

  • Twitter Stock Hits One Year Low After CEO Steps Down

    When news surfaced that then Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was stepping down shares popped in after hours trading. After the immediate reaction the stock came back to reality and closed around break even the day after the announcement. Just three days later, Twitter’s stock (TWTR) closed at a one year low at $34.67. Effective July 1st, […]

  • Snapchat Valuation

    Is Snapchat Really “Worth” $16 Billion

    I use “worth” in quotes because this is the valuation many analysts are giving Snapchat in June 2015. The valuation is warranted based on the $200 million laid down by Alibaba and the investment from 23 funds that equated to a valuation of around $10 billion in 2014. Why are these investments being made? Does Snapchat have […]