Julian Crowley

  • 10 Inspirational Office Spaces Created From Converted Vehicles

    A company’s office space can speak volumes about its business philosophy and relationship with its employees. An interior with bare walls and cramped cubicles, for example, may point to a business with a restricted workforce that experiences few perks. On the other hand, there are offices that speak to the creativity and playfulness of a […]

  • 10 High-Flying Entrepreneurs Who Lived On The Streets

    Rags to riches stories are often a genuine inspiration, reflecting what can be accomplished through hard work and sheer determination in any sphere of life – even the tough, ultra-competitive world of business. Moreover, among the most moving of these tales involve those individuals who have at one time or another found themselves homeless – […]

  • 10 World-Famous Brands That Originally Offered Something Else Entirely

    They are among the most instantly recognizable brands on the planet, with products that variously feed, entertain and accommodate an incredible amount of people across the globe. But while each has performed remarkably well in its respective field, none of the following ten companies started out doing what they’re famous for doing today. From a […]

  • 10 Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Who Began Their Careers Flipping Burgers

    Being a fast-food chef isn’t exactly the most glamorous profession in the world. After all, the wages are far from life-changing, the uniform is more functional than beautiful, and smelling of grease at all times is a given. Flipping burgers, though, doesn’t have to be a dead-end job by any means. Indeed, working the grill […]

  • 5 Fictional Bosses You Wouldn’t Want To Work For

    Bad bosses. We’ve all had them, we all know how they excel at making our lives needlessly uncomfortable, and we all know what we’d like to do to them given a baseball bat and 10 minutes in a soundproof room. But just be glad you don’t have one of the following as your boss, it […]

  • 10 Entrepreneurs Who Used the Power of Pets to Make Millions

    Image Source They’re cute, cuddly and comforting, so it’s little surprise that Americans own nearly 78 million pet dogs and almost 86 million pet cats. Such mind-boggling numbers have, of course, given rise to a hugely lucrative pet industry; in 2015 alone, for example, over $60 billion is projected to be spent on the country’s […]

  • 10 Office-Boosting Furniture Items Created with Recycled Plane Parts

    Image Source From elegant airliners to military jets, airplanes are truly incredible examples of engineering ingenuity, and they’ve made journeys that were thought impossible only a hundred years ago into an everyday reality. Still, even these cutting-edge machines have a limited existence, as fatigue and advancing technology conspire to make individual aircraft obsolete. The result? […]

  • 10 Spectacular Private Jets Owned by Billionaire Businessmen

    Image Source Owning a private jet is among the ultimate displays of wealth and success. A seat in business class just doesn’t afford the same luxury; nor does it offer the high-flying appeal of taking to the skies in a custom-fitted, personalized aircraft. Indeed, for super-wealthy businesspeople who’ve reached the top of their respective ladders, […]

  • 10 Most Idyllic Islands Owned By Billionaire Entrepreneurs

    Image Source The possibility of one day being rich enough to afford a privately owned island paradise is the definitive property dream for many budding entrepreneurs. The appeal of such a getaway is undeniable: a Robinson Crusoe-like fantasy of absolute privacy coupled with the surrounding natural beauty of a world far from the pressures of […]

  • 10 Most Creatively Themed Office Meeting Rooms

    Image Source They’re often the places where ideas are born, big decisions are made and key deals are sealed, so why settle for white walls, one-size-fits-all furniture and a tired projector? The once humble meeting room should be a setting that inspires, excites and motivates – all effects achieved by the following ten spaces. Each […]

  • 10 Super-Inspiring Office Running Tracks

    Image Source Business leaders take note: working out can relieve both short- and long-term stress. This is according to Harvard Medical School associate clinical professor of psychiatry Dr. John Ratey, who’s remarked that exercise is capable of “optimiz[ing] the brain for learning” – a definite bonus when getting staff to grips with new workplace tasks. […]